Jiachi Liu 

Role Highlight

Research Interest


University of Toronto, Canada

Honour's Bachelor of Science, High Distinction

September 2019 - June 2024

Statistics & Economics

Selected Awards & Honors

Dean's List Scholar (CGPA >= 3.5), 4-Time Recipient 2019–2023

New College In-Course Scholarship, 4-Time Recipient 2019–2023

STA302 Top 1% academic achievement 2022 Aug

STA304 Top 10% Contributor out of 500+ students 2023 Sep 


Finished the winter term of 3rd  year undergraduate study. 2023 Apr

Extended employment duration for Data Analyst 2023 Apr

Joined the Intelligent Adaptive Interventions (IAI) Lab led by Professor Joseph Jay William. 2023 Feb

Started working as a Data Analyst for  Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education. 2022 Sep